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Friday, July 23, 2010

Converted Lolita's dress.

I was asked by friend of mine to do smth in retro style... So, here it is, cute lolita's dress... This is the base game mesh, I think I will change it soon, cause I want this dress has a nice balloon skirt... but I have some problems with meshing...

Original dress made by Amily may be found here.

While I check the dress in my game, I took some nice pics with my doll... Check some of them)) Don't forget to click on pictures ;)


  1. Очень элегантно.

  2. Hello I'm amily feom
    I remember that this dress is from Lolita set at my page
    I'm glad that you like my work and i don't mind that you use my texture
    But, could you please give credit and link back to my page please.

  3. Oh, my god, I didn't know that it is yours, I just did this by a request, usually I ask for a permission, but I just didn't know who did this. Sorry for that, of course, I'll give a credit as I always do! And thanks for yhat wonderful dress))

  4. I'm so sorry for lately visit your page T^T
    You don't worry about that I love seeing my dress in TS3 too ^ ^
    I've played TS3 since January 2011 (so delay, right? lol)
    and i come back to your homepage for download this ^ ^
    Thank you so much

    PS. I'm looking forward to see my dress in TS3 again ^ ^

  5. Hi where can I download this? Its beautiful!

  6. I don't really get what did you mean, but if you want to download this dress for TS3 (my conversion), so here it is


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