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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Suits for 14th occasion

Well... I'm back! With new blog's design and new creations, hope you'll like both of them))

No so long ago I saw some shots from the burlesque show and thought that it would be nice to make it for the St. Valentine's Day, 'cause all creators doing smth for every occasion... I wanted to do something too =P Both of them are available as everyday, lingerie and, if I'm not mistaken, cat suit is available as special occasion outfit)) They are a little bit slutty, just a little ^_^

This is a whole outfit. Two recolorable areas. Look at the credits, candy and stockings are not included)

This are top & bottom. One recolorable area. Look at the credits, tail is not included)


Stockings are standart EAxis and by Rose

Candy is by Mango

Ears and tail are by Ailivina

Nails are by NataliS

Skin is by 234jiao


  1. as you would see on my very long comment on the sim3 blog >:o i commend you!!!!!!!!

  2. LexieTanium, thank you))) It was nice)

  3. Good job! Thanks! I'm really craving more sexy clothing)

  4. this vulgar.very vulgar.

  5. Dita Von Teese is vulgar too?)) Everything related to the erotic shows we can call vulgar) Everything related with lingeries for special occasion we can call vulgar)

  6. Hello ? Thanks for your comment on my blog ( ).
    I didn't know your blog, but i think your creations are so... different ! Just what i like ! Because, create objects always in the same style, too classic, too "seen in the street, " it's a shame, because damn! it's a game and can afford to innovate, right? So i add your blog to my blog list :-)

  7. Thank you Canelline, it's a big pleasure to hear things like that)

  8. It's an extreamly sexy dress
    Thank you very much for sharing

  9. I love how people think naked women is vulgar. LOL For crying out loud what century are we living in? Dear lord. I love the pink one btw, very pretty!


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