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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dress and stockings as an accessory

This set includes dress and lowered socks as an accessory. I was inspired to create these things by brand called "The Row". I fell in love with this dress at a glance. It has a perfect fit!
The dress available for young adult/adult and has 3 recolorable channels. All morphs included (exept pregnant morph). I made it valid for everyday, formal and random.
The stockings available as ring, bracelet and earrings. All morphs included (exept pregnant morph). I made it valid for everyday, sleepwear and sporstwear. One recolorable channel.
Both formats included. Socks accessory perfectly fits bobbysocks from the basegame and look good both with heels and flat shoes:

Here is the screenshot of the dress without the scarf and from all sides =)

Dowload the dress

Download socks (sim3pack)

Download socks (package)

Some credits: Scarf on the sim is from (with the fur pattern by Helen). Flat shoes are by ILikeMusik640

And isn't my model gorgeous? I looove her sooo much ^_^


  1. Blonde Chaos, oh thank you!

  2. Носки просто очаровали! Так и представила лесной домик, камин... Домашняя тихая атмосфера. Можно быть собой, избавиться от модных туфелек и лежать в объятиях любимого в удобной одежде и вот таких милых носочках! Ух, скорее качаю!!!

  3. OMG! It's so awesome! Thank you!!

  4. Tankuz, даааа я тоже представляла себе это как один из образов ^_^ Спасибо за такоей потрясный комментарий!

    JS Sims 3 Thank you for your comment)

  5. is the dress an accessory too?

  6. Wow, youre amazing! Just.... UGH! ♥

  7. alee, no, of course no)
    JaLiBo thank you so much!

  8. Really nice! Thanks! New to your blog. 8D

  9. DaringDecay, thank you! You're very welcome =)

  10. Beautiful! Where did the scarf come from?

  11. Springfairy556 thank you) Read the credits at the end of this post. It's a retexture of Rose's scarf made by lilisims. You can find it at the accessories section at

  12. Адрианна Романова, спасибо)

  13. Шикарные носочки! Платье тоже очаровательное! Но носочки прям заглядение! Забираю не раздумывая!

  14. Sintiklia, спасибо большое)


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