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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Passion for paintings...

I haven't been updated for a while... Haven't enough time for posting, sorry... But now I'll share with some of my paintings, that I made long ago, I like them)) Hope you'll like them too)

Special thanks to bau and Helen for their meshes. I was too lazy to do my own)) Thanks for your permission, guys)))

1. leonid's Afremov Autumn

The first set is the continuation of my last post. There is the vertical version of leonid's Afremov paintings. It has not only different mesh, but also different textures inside.

1-tiled, 8 pictures in 1, first as main, others as recolors. Costs $400. Both formats, choose one.

2. Nature Wallpaper

I need first of these for my greenhouse, the rest is the bonus)))

3-tiled, 5 in 1, first as main, others as recolors. Costs $300. Both formats, choose one.

3. Huge autumn paintings
Kinda rich paintings)) Don't know what to say in addition...

5-tiled, 5 in 1, first as main, others as recolors. Costs $3000 in game (very, very expensive... but it's huge!)). Both formats, choose one.


  1. Awesome. I like it. Thank you :)

  2. Суперские картины, Тегриша!
    Ты настоящая умничка.

  3. Thank you! Glad you like it)))
    Пасяб Хел))

  4. I like it !! very nice ! good idea !! tank you ! ;°)

  5. I love these! just my style :)

  6. Hi Tegi, can i use mesh from Helen (Nature wallpaper from you) at my picture. I would put a direct link to the mesh. But I do not know where it is.

  7. I asked her, so you can))) It's from here:

  8. Thank you very much Tegi and Helen :)

    I am happy :)

  9. We'll wait for your creations!

  10. Tegi, here is my creations:

    Once again, Thank you and Helen :)


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