This blog is dedicated to The Sims 3 game and my creations for it. Also here I'll share with all things that seem interesting for me. Here you can download different stuff for TS3 game. Clothes mostly.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Post about where I am.

Hello guys! Thank you for all who still visit my blog checking for new updates. It's always a pleasure to see that my blog is not dead and forgotten... I can't create stuff right now, because I have some problems with my health... The problem is, that nobody knows, what's wrong with me, I just feel bad, very bad sometimes, and this lasts already for two month. I hope that I'll get recovering very soon and will return, thank you for all who read this. Have a nice summer!


  1. I'm sorry for you... I hope you feel better now! Although I don't even know when you posted those words... But that doesn't matter =)! Everything will be fine! Don't worry!

  2. I'm sorry to hear that... I hope you feel better now. Though I don't even know when did you post those words. But that doesn't matter =)! Whatever you do, wherever you are, everything is gonna be fine!

  3. Lilu, thank you very much) I posted this loong time ago, but is doesn't matter, it is a big pleasure to hear the words like these!


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