This blog is dedicated to The Sims 3 game and my creations for it. Also here I'll share with all things that seem interesting for me. Here you can download different stuff for TS3 game. Clothes mostly.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Another blah blah... Look what I've done!))

Hello to all people reading my blog (if anybody's here). I figured out my problems with TSRW and Milkshape and now I can make some TS3 stuff again! Now I have only plans for some clothing, but I did something for practice! look at this sofa and pillows, I converted it! Yeaaahh!))) Thanks to Helen for her super tutorial for dummies) No dl links I just want to show you my progress)


  1. Yaaaay!Congratulations!;-)
    Your convertions look great, I'm a bit download links,you're such a teaser!))

  2. Sage thanks ^_^ You are very supportive!
    I convert this set with Helen's tutorial, she ask not to share with objects that she give us for practice in order to make us do smth by ourselves)
    So, no dl link)))

  3. It is so great work!!!

  4. Ох, Теги. Красиво ты диванчик сконвертировала! Я его тоже пыталась,но у меня не так хорошо вышло! Больше и не садилась,надо бы...))))
    В общем, отлично! Мои поздравления*_*
    добавь меня пожалуйста в свой блог-лист <3


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